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Certified Nurse Aide

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A rewarding, high demand career within the healthcare field that is attainable in a short period of time.

Certified Nurse Aide shoulder patchMaybe you're ready for a job in the healthcare industry, but you can't spend too much time preparing for a career. Can you picture yourself helping to take care of someone in a hospital or extended care facility? Are you looking for an entry-level position in the field to decide whether you want to pursue a career in nursing or medicine? Becoming a CNA is a great way to get to work in a relatively short period of time.

CNA training at KPC campuses prepares students for the state of Alaska CNA certification exam. The program is designed to train entry-level workers in basic skills needed to assist nurses and to be efficient health care team members. The course includes a minimum of 60 classroom hours, 32 skills lab hours, and 48 clinical experience hours.  NOTE: Missing class and/or not meeting any of these required hours will disqualify students from taking the state certification exam.

The clinical portion of the program at KBC is held at South Peninsula Hospital and area assisted care facilities. The clinical portion of the program at KRC is held at Central Peninsula Hospital and either at Heritage Place extended care facility or a local assisted care facility.

The required course is HCA A105, Nursing Aide, 6 credits. The course includes classroom instruction to include medical terminology and basic anatomy, lab training, skill practice and the clinical application of knowledge and skills.

Registration Restrictions: Minimum competency levels met on the ACCUPLACER placement test (English) and the ALEKS placement test (math).

CNA information and application for KBC & KPC Fall 2019

KBC Fall 2019 Information Packet 

For more information, on the KBC CNA program, contact Nancy Johnson at 907.235.1655. 

For more information, on the KRC CNA program, contact Beatrice Sagoonick at 907.262.0353.


Nancy Johnson
University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Nancy Johnson
Title: Advising & Support Services Specialist
Phone: 9072351655
Location: Bayview Hall (KBBH)
Campus: Kachemak Bay Campus
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Beatrice Sagoonick
University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Beatrice Sagoonick
Title: Kenai Peninsula College Developmental Advisor
Phone: 9072620353
Location: Enid S. McLane Building (EMB)
Employee Type: Staff
Campus: Kenai River Campus
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