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First Day of Classes

May 21, All Day

Ready or not, here is the first day of classes! 

Lots of small U.S. flags stuck in a grassy field with the words "KPC Closed for Memorial Day."

KPC Closed for Memorial Day

May 28, All Day

Take a break and remember those who have fought for our freedoms!

A dollar bill standing upright on a white background with the words "last day for 100% refund."

Last Day for Refund of Tuition

May 29, All Day

Today is the last day to get a 100% refund of tuition, so make sure you contact Student Services no later than today.

An up-close shot of a white and gold alarm clock off to the left, with the words "last chance to apply for summer" in the white space to the right.

Deadline for KPC Summer Admission Application!

May 29, All Day

Don't procrastinate any longer! Today is the deadline to send in your summer admission application.

A happy dog in a swing with the words "last day of classes"

Last Day of Classes (1st 5-week session)

Jun 25, All Day

You have good reason to look as happy as this pup in a swing! 

A sleepy cat curled up on a dark wood windowsill with the words "no classes... a good day for a nap."

No Classes Held (KPC/UAA)

Jun 26, All Day

No classes are held today.

A typewriter on the right side against a dark background, with the text "first day of classes"

First Day of Classes

Jun 27, All Day

Welcome to the first day of classes for the second 5-week session of summer.

An up-close view of jumbled together sticky notes, pens, and other colorful office supplies, with the text "Grades Posted"

Grades Entered via UAOnline

Jun 28, All Day

Grades for the first 5-week session of summer will be entered by faculty into UAOnline. 

A single sunflower against a blue sky, and the text "KPC closed for summer recess"

KPC Closed for Summer Recess

Jul 4 - Jul 5, All Day

Take a break and enjoy a couple days off! Happy Independence Day!

An explosion of fireworks lights up a black sky, with the words "Happy 4th of July! No classes..."

No Classes Held (KPC/UAA)

Jul 4, All Day

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy a few days of freedom...

A arm-only view of a businessman holding a briefcase with money sticking out of all sides, and the text "last day for refund of tuition."

Last Day for Refund of Tuition

Jul 9, All Day

Today is the last day to get a 100% refund of your tuition for the second 5-week session of summer. Contact us no later than today if you need a refund.

A top-down view of a laptop, and a person writing a note in a notebook, with the text "deadline for summer graduation application."

Deadline for UAA/KPC Summer Graduation Application

Jul 27, All Day

If you're planning to graduate at the end of summer, make sure you get your application in by today.

A squirrel on a dark background tilts his head and looks curiously at the camera, and text above him says "Did someone say 'last day of classes'?"

Last Day of Summer Classes

Aug 4, All Day

You made it through the summer! We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

A top-down view of a computer and someone working on paperwork with highlighters and pens scattered about, with the text "Grades Posted."

Grades posted!

Aug 8, All Day

Grades will be entered into UAOnline for the 10-week and second 5-week sessions of summer.

Leaves strung on a piece of twine like a banner with the text "faculty contract ends."

Faculty Contract Ends

Aug 11, All Day

Thanks for all your hard work over the summer, faculty! 

Eye glasses sitting on a book with a pen and a laptop.

Faculty Contract Begins

Aug 12, All Day

Welcome back, faculty!

People sitting and taking notes.

Fall Convocation at KBC

Aug 21, All Day

KBC and KRC will be closed for Fall Convocation. 

A chair with a duffle bag sitting on the floor next to it.

KRC Residence Hall Fall move-in

Aug 22, All Day

Welcome students! For more information, about living at KRC, check out

Fall leaves

First day of fall semester classes

Aug 27, All Day

Welcome students! Have a wonderful semester. 

Women with big sunglasses and fur coat.

First day senior citizens can register using tuition waivers

Aug 27, All Day

Attention senior citizens today is the first day of registering using tuition waivers. For more information about senior citizen tuition waivers see the

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