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Fog rolling in across Kachemak Bay

Kachemak Bay: a marine wonderland!

Students from all over the country are enrolling in KBC's Semester by the Bay program.

A paramedic student with safety glasses is pictured with an IV bag in the background

KRC offers a full slate of EMS courses!

A world class EMS department offers ETT, EMT I, II, III and a Paramedic AAS degree!

An aerial image of the Kenai River Campus with the Kenai River and Soldotna in the background

KPC: UAA on the Peninsula

KPC has offered quality higher education for more than 53 years!

Professor Alan Boraas and students in a Dena'ina language class practicing writing the language

Revitalizing AK Native languages is a KPC priority!

Now offering language courses in Dena'ina, Ahtna and Yupik!

A KRC student is watching an indicator as she closes a valve in the process simulator

KPC has programs to train operators and instrument techs!

Offering training in a state-of-the-art Career & Tech Center at KRC!


Upcoming Events  

Attention Staff and Faculty: TIAA coming to the KRCFaculty Events/Workshops
Apr 19
All Day

Attention Staff and Faculty: TIAA coming to the KRC

TIAA will be on campus from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., April 19, in Ward 201. They will be available to help staff and faculty…

Lunch with UAA administrators/faculty this week
Apr 19

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Lunch with UAA administrators/faculty this week

  Lunch with UAA administrators/faculty this week Students, faculty and staff are invited to meet with UAA Interim Provost Duane Hrncir, Executive Provost Renee…

KRC/UAA Nursing advising sessionKenai River Campus
Apr 20

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

KRC/UAA Nursing advising session

Anastasia Monyahan, assistant professor of nursing, and coordinator of the nursing program at the Kenai River Campus, has announced that there will be an advising session from 12-2…

Last Day of ClassesCollege Wide
Apr 30
All Day

Last Day of Classes

Congratulations -- you made it to the end of the semester! Enjoy your summer break, and we'll see you again in the fall!

Upcoming 2018 Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference “early-bird” registration deadlineCollege Wide
May 1
All Day

Upcoming 2018 Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference “early-bird” registration deadline

The 2018 Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference will be held June 8-12, at Lands’s End Resort in Homer, Alaska. The…

Spring Housing Check-Out DeadlineKenai River Campus
May 6

5:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Spring Housing Check-Out Deadline

Make sure you're checked out of KRC's dorms by today at 5:00 p.m.

Final Grades Entered on UAOnlineCollege Wide
May 9
All Day

Final Grades Entered on UAOnline

This is the day you've been waiting for... or maybe not. Check your final grades on UAOnline!

KBC CommencementKachemak Bay Campus
May 9
All Day

KBC Commencement

Congratulations to KBC's graduating students! 

KRC CommencementKenai River Campus
May 10

7:00 PM - 2:00 PM

KRC Commencement

Congratulations to all our graduating students! 

KRC End-of-Year BBQKenai River Campus
May 11
All Day

KRC End-of-Year BBQ

Join us at the close of the semester to meet, clean up, and eat delicious food together. Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome to attend.

Faculty Contracts EndCollege Wide
May 12
All Day

Faculty Contracts End

Have a great summer!

Faculty Contracts BeginCollege Wide
May 13
All Day

Faculty Contracts Begin

Welcome back, faculty! 

First Day of ClassesCollege Wide
May 21
All Day

First Day of Classes

Ready or not, here is the first day of classes! 

KPC Closed for Memorial DayCollege Wide
May 28
All Day

KPC Closed for Memorial Day

Take a break and remember those who have fought for our freedoms!

Last Day for Refund of TuitionCollege Wide
May 29
All Day

Last Day for Refund of Tuition

Today is the last day to get a 100% refund of tuition, so make sure you contact Student Services no later than today.

Deadline for KPC Summer Admission Application!College Wide
May 29
All Day

Deadline for KPC Summer Admission Application!

Don't procrastinate any longer! Today is the deadline to send in your summer admission application.

Last Day of Classes (1st 5-week session)College Wide
Jun 25
All Day

Last Day of Classes (1st 5-week session)

You have good reason to look as happy as this pup in a swing! 

No Classes Held (KPC/UAA)College Wide
Jun 26
All Day

No Classes Held (KPC/UAA)

No classes are held today.

First Day of ClassesCollege Wide
Jun 27
All Day

First Day of Classes

Welcome to the first day of classes for the second 5-week session of summer.

Grades Entered via UAOnlineCollege Wide
Jun 28
All Day

Grades Entered via UAOnline

Grades for the first 5-week session of summer will be entered by faculty into UAOnline. 

KPC Closed for Summer RecessCollege Wide
Jul 4
Jul 5
All Day

KPC Closed for Summer Recess

Take a break and enjoy a couple days off! Happy Independence Day!

No Classes Held (KPC/UAA) College Wide
Jul 4
All Day

No Classes Held (KPC/UAA)

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy a few days of freedom...

Last Day for Refund of TuitionCollege Wide
Jul 9
All Day

Last Day for Refund of Tuition

Today is the last day to get a 100% refund of your tuition for the second 5-week session of summer. Contact us no later than today if you need a refund.

Deadline for UAA/KPC Summer Graduation ApplicationCollege Wide
Jul 27
All Day

Deadline for UAA/KPC Summer Graduation Application

If you're planning to graduate at the end of summer, make sure you get your application in by today.

Last Day of Summer ClassesCollege Wide
Aug 4
All Day

Last Day of Summer Classes

You made it through the summer! We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Grades posted!College Wide
Aug 8
All Day

Grades posted!

Grades will be entered into UAOnline for the 10-week and second 5-week sessions of summer.

Faculty Contract EndsCollege Wide
Aug 11
All Day

Faculty Contract Ends

Thanks for all your hard work over the summer, faculty! 

"Kenai Peninsula College is committed to excellence in education, training and life-long learning by offering accessible opportunities in a supportive environment."

Recent News  

This month's KPC Word on Campus

What is your most effective studying technique, and why is it helpful for you?

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Photo of Mary Murphy

Finding a study space that provides unlimited coffee, putting my headphones on, and making a to-do list of homework and things to study and go off of that

– Mary Murphy, KBC

Associate of Arts

Photo of Nathaniel Yannikos

Always take notes. Always read the book. And while reading the book, I take more notes. Homework is extra incentive to study. It helps me memorize the materials.

– Nathaniel Yannikos, KRC

Associate of Arts

Photo of Deva Frasier

Planning and organizing is a very effective studying technique for me. I use a personally-made week-long planner with hourly slots that I fill in with my class or work times, and weekly places that I have to be. Once I have all those times filled in with different colors, I have a visual image of where my free time is and where I can plug in hourly study times; then I stick to those study hours – no excuses. This is a technique I learned here at KPC in a college survival skills class. I also have a homework to-do planner that I re-write each week so no assignments get left behind. Sticking to my weekly schedule and assignments decreases my stress and helps me stay on track each semester.

– Deva Frasier, KBC

bachelor of science, nursing

Photo of Abby Peters

It helps when I read and write the information. When I teach, I also learn new things about the information and learn new ways that people use to remember it."

– Abby Peters, KRC

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education

Photo of Brent Ensign

It depends on what I’m studying for. As a rule of thumb, I try to study for around 30 minutes with a 10-minute break in between each block. For math classes I try to do as many of the problems as possible while the teacher is lecturing, so that I can compare answers. For reading a textbook, I’ll read the chapter summary before and after reading the chapter in whole. I’ll also copy down all the key terms in my own vernacular

– Brent Ensign, KBC

Bachelor of Science, Aviation

Photo of Bridget Doran

The way I study most effectively is by being at KBC. I am a person of association, so being in an environment that’s conducive to scholarly work and conversations is super-supportive for me. Taking breaks to go on a beach walk, get some fresh air and move my body is imperative for information to soak into my brain.

– Bridget Doran, KBC

Associate of Arts

Photo of Mandy Jahanbin

My most effective way to study is to utilize the student resource center in the Bayview Hall at KBC. Homer life can be busy and disruptive. The student resource center offers a clean, quiet place to get studying done.

– Mandy Jahanbin, KBC

Certified Nurse’s Aide

Photo of Ethan Dunn

I plan everything out and segment it. Then I systematically work through it until it’s done.

– Ethan Dunn, KRC


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