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Devoted to the study of human beings and human societies as they exist across time and space.

Who were the first peoples of Alaska? How did the Inupiat survive the harsh conditions of the Arctic? How do Alaska's Native cultures compare to those in the Lower 48 and beyond? If these and other questions about the diversity of the human world interest you, studying anthropology at KPC may be the right field of study for you.

Anthropologists assist in identifying prehistoric and historic sites for preservation, identifying subsistence and land use patterns of Native peoples, and investigating changes in society that impact future education, economics and industry. The study of anthropology at KPC gives students a balanced exposure to the sub-fields of anthropology: archaeology, physical anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

Anthropologists have many career and job opportunities in various cultural resource management in federal, state, tribal and private organizations as well as in forensics. Students also have a number of internship opportunities to get real life experiences in the field.

KPC campuses offer courses which lead to partial completion of this UAA degree. Please work closely with your advisor to stay on track.


University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Alan Boraas
Title: Professor of Anthropology
Phone: 9072620360
Location: Clarence Goodrich Building (CGB)
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University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Kimberly Frost
Title: Student & Enrollment Services Coordinator
Phone: 9072351658
Location: Pioneer Hall (KBPH)
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University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Nancy Johnson
Title: Advising and Support Services Specialist
Phone: 9072351655
Location: Bayview Hall (KBBH)
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