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Calculator and pen with an accounting balance sheet.

Having an accounting background opens doors in literally every kind of business setting.

Do you enjoy making sense out of complicated spreadsheets? Are you good with numbers and get pleasure out of manipulating figures? Accounting may be the best route to a successful business career because accounting has always been considered as the language and basic tool of business. It has always concerned itself with determining how a business is doing and what the bottom line is.

In this increasingly complex and competitive business environment, accounting skills are very much in demand and accounting has become a dynamic career. Accountants have shed their stodgy image of green eyeshade's and thick glasses to assume the more prestigious role of financial experts, system professionals, management consultants, budget analysts, etc. The demand for accountants appears to be growing and outstripping supply. Job opportunities in today's business climate is better than ever for accountants.

The varied job opportunities opened to accountants may be summarized in three major areas: public accounting, private accounting, and government and not-for-profit accounting.

Although KPC does not offer a degree in accounting, KPC campuses offer courses which lead to partial completion of the UAA AAS degree. Please work closely with your advisor to stay on track with proper course selection and sequencing.


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