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About the Online Writing Lab

We are glad you have chosen to use the Kenai Peninsula College OWL for help with your writing project.

The OWL website is part of KPC’s Learning Center. The OWL is staffed by KPC faculty and student tutors. This website addresses issues related to writing: the writing process, essay format, paragraph development, documentation, grammar, and basic writing tips. This site provides students with the opportunity to dialog with a trained tutor about their written work.

What to Expect

You can find resources through our resources page. You can enter a question and/or submit a paper for review with our submit your paper form. The feedback you get will give practical suggestions for revising your paper.

What Not to Expect 

We will not revise your paper for you. Tutors will give helpful suggestions and may refer you to resources on the resources page. Since you are the author of your paper, you may or may not choose to take the suggestions submitted by the writing tutor. Sessions are meant to be a dialogue about your written work.

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