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Be careful of what section you choose when registering for a face-to-face course.

KPC courses are offered in Homer, Soldotna, Seward and Anchorage!

Understanding Section Numbers

  • PRT A101 A20 is taught in Anchorage at the University Center.
  • PRT A101 I20 is taught in Soldotna.
  • ENGL A111 I20 is taught in Soldotna
  • ENGL A111 R20 is taught in Homer.


Important section codes for you to look at:

Face-to-Face Sections Beginning With:
(Section is the 3 characters following the course number)

 Town where Face-to-Face course is taught 

(I1x, I2x, I5x)

(Kenai River Campus)


(Anchorage Extension Site in the University Center)

(R1x, R2x, R5x)

(Kachemak Bay Campus)

(S1x, S2x, S5x)

(Resurrection Bay Extension Site, at the Seward High School)


KPC distance courses have sections numbers that start with I, A, R or S and are followed by WB (web courses) or EL (ELive courses). KPC also has blended (hybrid distance and face-to-face) courses that have the last two letters of the section number as BL.

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