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Current projects

Title III E-Learning Access & Success Grant

KPC's Online Math Lab is described in greater detail in the Distance Resources menu section. This initiative is designed to ensure math support is available to students in residence and at a distance. KPC's two Math Learning Specialists respond to student question submissions by various means including phone, email, eLive, and pencasting.

Audio and Video Streaming capacity is developed at KPC and available for instructor use. Steaming has been successfully used for two months; the platform is stable. Our next step is to develop a web-based user interface for instructor upload and management of video.

Course Development is a major component of the grant. With grant support, courses have been developed in mathematics, communications, process technology, information and library literacy, sociology, and many other areas.

The Faculty eLearning Workshop is an annual professional development opportunity for faculty and staff to extend their knowledge of and comfort with selected education technologies.   The application for the 2013 eLearning Workshop is here. 

Hand in hand with the course development process is Faculty and Staff Professional Development. In addition to a weeklong technology workshop that takes place in May, the grant staff are offering online professional development short courses, troubleshooting, and one-on-one help as needed for faculty. In other areas such as student support, staff receive similar support and training.


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