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Kenai River Campus Mobile Printing

Mobile printing allows you to easily print documents from your laptop to most locations across KRC, utilizing managed print service.

Mobile Printing

mobile_printWith the wide range of devices available to the university community, the MobilePrint service allows you to easily print your files via email, online through a web browser, as well as from a traditional computer. This means you can print from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop regardless of the operating system you are running. Almost any device that has email and/or web browsers will be able to print to any location that offers the MobilePrint service.

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Locations Print Type Printer Name
Ward 120 Black & White krc-wwb117_bw
Goodrich 247 (Riverview Commons)  Black & White krc-cgb214_bw
McLane 181 Black & White krc-emb151_bw
CTEC 205 Black & White krc-wwb119_bw
Brockel 191C (Library)  Black & White and Color krc-cbb162_bw/krc-cbb162_color


Who do I contact if I have problems with printing?
Please contact the IT Help Desk at 262-0351, or email

Contact Info

Spring Sibayan
KRC Audio Visual/Desktop Technician
Spring Sibayan
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