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KPC Residence Life is proud of the fact that the residence hall is a student lead and student driven program. This means that the majority of the employees that work in the residence hall are students and members of the residence hall community. This gives students a unique opportunity to help shape their community while also earning some spending money.

 The student positions that are typically available include:



A Resident Advisor is a live-in student leader within KPC's ResHall who helps to provide services to residents in all aspects of residence life. The RA is responsible for enhancing the educational environment and total welfare of the students within the residence hall community. 

To apply to be an RA click here.


The Front desk assistant is often the first person people see when they come to the Residence Hall.  They are responsible for performing multiple tasks including acting as a contact for those wishing to gain more information about housing and assisting students and visitors with basic needs.  

To apply to be an DA click here.


The maintenance crew is in charge of keeping the Residence Hall beautiful. They perform daily general maintenance tasks such as: taking out trash, removing snow, vacuuming, landscaping and moving furniture when needed. 

To apply to work for ResLife Maintenance click here.

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