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KPC ResLife


Professional Staff


Tammie WillisTammie Willis, KPC's Associate Director of Residence Life, is responsible for supervising and directing all aspects of the residence life program, including supervising residence life staff, facility maintenance, budget and utilization of the facility for commercial rental during the summer. The Associate Director can be reached at 262-0275 during normal business hours and reports directly to the Director of Student Services.



Leslie Byrd, KPC's Residence Life Coordinator, oversees KRC Student Housing, activities, Leslie Byrdstudent organizations and general student development programming on the KRC Soldotna Campus. The Residence Life Coordinator can be reached at 262-0253 during normal business hours; after hours questions and support should be directed through the Resident Advisors.





 Student Staff


 An outdoor picture of six student staff members.Resident Advisors (RA) are paraprofessional Residence Life Staff Members and KRC students who are trained to maintain a safe, healthy and engaging residential community for residents in Student Housing at KRC. Each RA is assigned to a smaller sub-community within the larger housing complex where they live and get to know all of the residents in that area. RAs provide 24-hour on-call assistance year-round for Student Housing. They receive extensive training in crisis response, conflict mediation, policy enforcement and programming. Residents are expected to comply with requests and directives of the RA staff and to readily utilize them to address safety concerns, disruptive behaviors and general personal and community needs. Share ideas for activities with your RA and be sure to approach him or her for assistance as needed. The RA on duty can always be reached by calling the RA cell phone at 262-0256.


Front Desk Assistants (DA) are student employees that live in the residence hall and man the front desk from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.  It is their responsibility to answer phone calls, sort students' mail to their appropriate mailboxes, answer general questions, check-out items to residents, and assist professional residence life staff in day to day operations.


Residence Life Student Facility Crew are student employees that live in the residence hall and are responsible for the general upkeep of the building.  They perform light maintenance throughout the building as well as janitorial duties in the common areas of the building.