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KPC ResLife

Live in the Residence Hall and take over half of your classes there! Have a group of students that you can socialize, study and get extra help with! Create deeper connections with your faculty! Have a faculty mentor living right there in The Residence Hall!

We are very excited to announce the creation of a new residentially based, academic program called Gateway to the AA and Beyond. The program will start in Fall of 2017 and is unique in Alaska to KPC. Dr. Paul Landen, Associate Professor of Psychology will be Academic Director of the program and will live in the Residence Hall and Dr. Casey Rudkin, Assistant Professor of English will be the Academic Advisor.

The core of the Gateway program will last for two years, with new students entering each year. We will accept up to 16 students for Fall 17, who are admitted to the KPC Associate of Arts program, into the first cohort.  This number will double in the second year with students across two cohorts. Students will take two of their courses each semester, as a cohort, right in the Residence Hall – yes you will be able to go to class in your pajamas! Classes for Fall of ’17 include COMM 111 and PSY 111. ENGL and Astronomy are planned for the Spring of 18. In 18-19 we will have ENGL 212 and a yearlong Humanities sequence for the second year students. All of the courses have been selected because they work with all concentrations of the AA degree and are part of most Baccalaureate programs.

In addition to taking courses in the program, we will help you in creating your academic future. We will have a monthly cohort colloquium to provide programs and activities related to topics such as study skills, resume building, major selection and exploration of interests. We’ll also attend cultural and social events here on the Peninsula and in Anchorage.

 Studies have shown that students in Living Learning Communities have higher G.P.A’s and more likely to graduate!  We invite you to become part of this exciting community!