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Webmail can be accessed with a Web browser from any computer with an internet connection. Everyone at KPC, including students, staff and faculty, have an e-mail account (automatically created) where official communications from KPC/UAA are sent.

Students Webmail

Students registered for at least one credit receive important information from their instructors and all billing related to student's accounts is done through e-mail. Allow 2 business days for account availability. Students need to read their KPC/UAA e-mail often. The easiest way is to forward KPC/UAA e-mail to a personal account like Gmail.


Faculty and Staff Webmail

Employees, including full-time and part-time regular staff and adjunct and regular faculty, receive official KPC/UAA information at their KPC/UAA e-mail account. Employee information must be entered into the Banner system for the accounts to be activated. Employees are required to read their e-mail on KPC/UAA systems and for legal reasons, employees are not allowed to forward their email to personal accounts.


How to set up email on iPhone/IPAD

Configuring an iPhone, Ipod Touch or IPad for UAA's Exchange email is done via installing a preconfigured profile. To do this you should visit this page using Safari from the device you want to configure while connected to the KPC "Full Access" wifi and click on the button below for further instructions. It is recommended you connect via wifi for faster connection speed, but you may also use your data plan which will charge you according to your data plan contract.

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