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Logging into UAOnline

  1. Go to UAOnline 
  2. Click on the Login to Secured Area (students, staff, & faculty) link 
  3. Enter User ID 
    • User ID is 8-digit Student ID or Employee ID
    • Look up ID here 
    • For additional assistance, employees can contact the Human Resources department. Students can contact Student Services.
  4. Enter PIN (Personal Identification Number)
    • Those who are signing on to UAOnline for the first time will be asked to change their PIN.
    • Student PINs are 6 characters and are originally set to the student's day of birth (MMDDYY).
    • Employees should receive their PIN in the mail shortly after employment begins.
    • PINs must be six characters, are case-sensitive, and can be alphanumeric, including spaces and punctuation.
    • Resetting the PIN is required to ensure added security to accessibility of account information.
    • For privacy and security, PINs should NOT be shared with anyone.
  5. Click the login button
  6. The first time a user logs in to UAOnline, they will be asked to create a security question and answer.
  7. Due to the sensitive nature of information contained on these pages, persons using shared workstations are required to log off and exit the browser when using UAOnline.

Retrieving a Forgotten PIN

  1. Go to UAOnline 
  2. Click on the Login to Secured Area (students, staff, & faculty) link
  3. Enter User ID 
  4. Leave PIN field blank
  5. Click the Forgot PIN? button
  6. The user will answer the security question that was created upon first login of UAOnline, then choose a new PIN.
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