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Registration Changes

If a change in student's class schedule becomes necessary, semester-length courses may be changed as follows: 

Add a course

  • May add full-semester courses (no fee for adding courses) during the first two weeks of the semester
  • Add/Drop via UAOnline or complete the Add/Drop portion on the Registration form
  • Instructor permission may be required
  • Check with the registration services for details on late starting class
  • May not add a course two weeks after it has started
  • Same procedure for dropping classes but a fee is charged for each class dropped

Withdrawal from a course

  • Process used after deadline for dropping a class
  • Withdrawal allowed through the 12th week of class (prorated for short or late starting courses)
  • Produces a designation of “W” for the course on the cumulative transcript
  • Academic grade for the course may only be obtained by retaking the course
  • No tuition is returned to students who withdraw
  • To withdraw from all courses should follow the procedure for withdrawal from the college
  • A grade of “W” is considered unsuccessful completion of class for financial aid purposes of satisfactory academic progress
  • Students with financial aid are strongly encouraged to speak with an adviser prior to withdrawing

Withdrawal from college

  • Withdrawal is the official discontinuance of attendance prior to the end of a semester or session
  • Requires submission of an Add/Drop/Withdrawal form (signed and dated)
  • Withdrawal appears on the permanent record as the letter “W,” but is entered without prejudice (having no effect on GPA or any reference to the student’s standing in the class
  • Drop fee is charged for each class and all fines and debt due must be paid before official withdrawal from the college is complete
  • Students are strongly encouraged to speak with an adviser prior to a complete withdrawal

Credit/No Credit grading option

  • Encourages students to explore areas of interest
  • Undesignated electives may be completed under this option
  • Maximum of 15 credits earned by this option may be applied to a degree program
  • General Education Requirements (GER), school or college requirements and courses in a student’s major or minor are not allowed under this option

Auditing and changing grading option 

  • No credit is received if auditing and it is possible a student may be dropped to make room for credit-seeking students
  • Instructor determines terms for auditing a course; if student fails to comply with the agreed-upon terms instructor may request that the course be removed from the student’s transcript
  • Submission of papers for correction and grading, and participation in lab experiences are at the discretion of the instructor
  • Required to register and pay tuition and fees
  • No change of registration status from audit-to-credit after 2nd week of the semester
  • During weeks 3-12 of the semester, students may change their status from credit-to-audit only with the instructor's signature
  • Grading status change requires submission of the ADD/DROP portion on the Registration Form and paying fee
  • No change from credit-to-audit after 12th week
  • Audited courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time, part-time, or overload status
  • Students may not request local credit-by-exam for an audited course until the following academic year
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