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E-Learning Quiz

1.) I work well independently.

2.) I have adequate or good skills using my computer keyboard.

3.) I have adequate or good emailing skills.

4.) I have no problem navigating on the internet.

5.) I rate my computer skills as adequate or better.

6.) I learn best from reading a textbook or assignment rather than listening to a professor explain the material.

7.) I enjoy working alone.

8.) I gather information better visually (charts, readings, diagrams) than orally (classroom discussions and lectures).

9.) I like to finish what I start.

10.) I am goal oriented. I can set goals and complete them in a timely fashion.

11.) I do not give up when something doesn’t work the first time.

12.) I do not get frustrated when I work on computers, or have to rely heavily on technology.

13.) I would classify myself as an adequate or good writer.

14.) I would classify myself as an adequate or good reader.

15.) I usually understand the material presented in class.

16.) I rarely require a tutor or a friend to help me to understand the material.

17.) I am self-motivated. In other words, I don’t need a teacher reminding me daily when an assignment is due or when I should be studying.

18.) I rarely procrastinate; I rarely put off things until the last possible minute.

19.) Classroom discussions are extremely helpful for my learning.

20.) When a professor hands out instructions, I prefer to figure them out myself before asking for help.

21.) Considering my professional and personal schedule, I have at least 10 hours a week to commit to a course.

22.) I can wait to get feedback from an instructor.

23.) I don’t have a problem asking for help when I need it.

24.) I need (for professional or personal reasons) to take this course.

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