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Quality eLearning at KPC

At KPC, we've worked very hard to provide our students with a high-quality online learning experience. Find out how.

Life Cycle of an eLearning Course

Every online course has a life cycle from birth to rebirth. At KPC, we've mapped out this life cycle and in so doing, have identified key points where support will be needed for faculty to be successful in developing and delivering online courses. Page through this short, interactive module to learn all about the Life Cycle model. 

Life Cycle of an eLearning Course (pdf)

Life Cycle as a short module - click the image below to open.

 Life Cycle Thumbnail 

Faculty Training & Support

All KPC faculty have access to training in educational technology tools, instructional design principles and best practices, and support services that enable them to design and deliver their online or hybrid courses. KPC employs two full-time instructional design professionals and one educational technologist on our Educational Technology Team to provide this support.

Quality Matters


KPC was the first institutional subscriber to Quality Matters (QM) in the state of Alaska. We use QM with instructional design for our online and hybrid courses. With QM, we

  • provide training in instructional design principles and best practices
  • engage in peer review of online course design
  • provide a more consistent online course experience by making sure that key elements (for example, objectives; technical requirements; introductions; and communication policies) of online or hybrid courses are present.

Academic Support Services 

SLED Alaska logo 
  • College readiness resources - online, self-paced programs in math, English, and distance learning
  • Online tutoring through and SLED Alaska
  • Advising for online students
  • Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Student Support Services

  • Text and chat are available for online students to reach Student Services professionals
  • Help Desk technology services are only a phone call away

Student Orientation Materials

  • Orientation letters are sent out to students in eLearning courses
  • Videos and online tutorials to help with basic skills are embedded in the web site


The evidence that KPC has not only worked hard, but has succeeded in providing quality eLearning can be found in the data and in feedback that we get from our students.  

Below, you can see the exponential growth KPC has experienced since 2007. In Fall 2007, we had only 110 students enrolled in eLearning courses. In Fall 2013, we had 1715! In 2012, as shown in the chart, a decision was made at KPC to cap our distance enrollments at about 50% of total enrollments, and it has remained at roughly 1700 -1800 students since.

eLearning Growth at KPC 2007-13
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