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Natural Science

Bachelor of Science

Natural Sciences Brochure 

Students can complete much of the coursework for the UAA-offered Bachelor of Science in Natural Science at KPC’s Kenai River Campus or Kachemak Bay Campus. Students should consult the UAA catalog for complete degree information and work closely with an academic advisor if they want to pursue this degree. The Natural Sciences curriculum emphasizes the interrelationships among the sciences and allows students to obtain a strong background in two or more sciences while meeting the requirements of a single degree program. A minimum of 74 science credits is required for this major, as specified below. For individuals pursuing careers as secondary science educators, it is required by the College of Education that they complete 12 credits in each of the following sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth and Space Science.  For more information on this program, see the KPC catalog.

UA degrees at KPC

KPC offers courses that lead to completion or near completion of several degrees offered by other campuses of the University of Alaska. As a community campus of UAA, KPC is able to support these program offerings based on student interest and adequate enrollment. It is very important to consult with an advisor to plan a program. 

Bachelor programs and Associate programs offered through other UA campuses require students to complete admission and graduation applications through the campus that offers the degree, and will be subject to the admission and graduation application deadlines of that campus.

Consult with a KPC advisor for suggested course sequencing and to be sure all requirements are being met.  

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