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Leadership Team

The Leadership Team provides input to the Director and administration on matters important to the functioning of the college.

The team is composed of representatives, including faculty department chairs, administration, and supervisors from almost every department in the system. The team meets monthly throughout the academic year.


 Current Members: 

  • Gary Turner, KPC Director
  • Paula Martin, Asst. Director of Academic Affairs
  • Carol Swartz, KBC Director
  • Bill Howell, KRC Student Services Director
  • Curt Wallace, Director of Administrative Services
  • Tom Dalrymple, Business and Industry Co-chair
  • Kim Frost, KBC Student Services
  • Jane Fuerstenau, KRC Librarian
  • Diane Taylor, KRC Learning Center
  • Elizabeth Graber, KBC English Faculty
  • Henry Haney, Business and Industry Co-chair
  • Mark Jensen, KRC Network Services
  • Suzie Kendrick, Advancement
  • Bettina Kipp, KRC Counselor
  • Phillip Miller, KRC Facilities
  • Eileen Reemstma, Director's Assistant
  • Pete Snow, Arts and Sciences Co-chair
  • Chris Stuive, KRC Counselor
  • Bettie Wallace, Arts and Sciences Co-chair
  • Dave Stang, KRC Facilities Maintenance Supervisor




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