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Apprenticeship Technologies

The Apprenticeship Technologies program is a 60 credit Associate of Applied Science degree, coordinated and delivered collaboratively by UAA, UAF and UAS.

•Integrates general coursework and training for career and technical occupations
•Individuals must complete an apprenticeship registered by the US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and hold journey worker status.
•Students are encouraged to start while still an apprentice, and graduate after completing both the coursework and apprenticeship.
•Journeyworkers can apply at any time.
•Up to 38 credits can be transcripted for approved apprenticeship programs. Click here to see how many credits you can earn for your apprenticeship program.
•Graduates can seamlessly enroll in the Bachelor of Science, Technology (UAA) or Bachelor of Technology (UAF) degree.

Interested but not an Apprentice? 


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