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KPC Faculty Support for Accessibility and Universal Design

KPC offers faculty and staff training, planning consultations and other various services for accessible course design and student-facing materials. Alongside our current efforts, and looking towards improvement, we hope to find an accessibility or captioning sponsor to carry and expand these services, much like traditional television closed captions are funded.

Visit KPC's DSS student resources for student accessibility and accommodation request information.

Universal Design: The concept of designing all products and environments to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone.

Accessibility is often associated with universal design and with individuals who experience disabilities, to describe the degree to which a product, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible.

  • KPC Captioning Request Form (Faculty/Staff)
    KPC currently partners other UAA campuses to provide captioning services for faculty course content via a captioning server and our multimedia student worker at KPC. So far, KPC has captioned approximately 500 videos for faculty courses and student resources.
  • KPC Course Media Inventory
    Use this spreadsheet to inventory your course media materials, including videos and documents, and plan for improvements.
  • KPC Syllabus Template with DSS Section
    Use the KPC Syllabus Template for example wording and updated information for KPC student support resources, including DSS, for your course syllabus.
  • OLC's "Designing with Accessibility in Mind" workshop
    KPC partners with the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) to offer workshops on teaching strategies, including Accessible Course Design. Check out the OLC workshop schedule and contact Sarah Frick for registration at
  • Quality Matters at KPC
    KPC has been a member of Quality Matters, a nationally recognized peer-review process for online course design since 2009. With accessibility being one of the eight focus areas of the course design rubric, QM offers workshops and opportunities through professional development and the peer review process that lead to proactive, accessible design. Find out more about Quality Matters at KPC.
  • KPC Faculty/Staff Training Opportunities
    KPC Faculty and Staff training events are always listed on the KPC website events calendar, and you can contact KPC's ETT to set up a specialized training event.

KPC Accessibility Planning Committee

KPC’s leadership has made a formal commitment towards accessibility by erecting an “Accessibility Planning Committee” to pursue a proactive approach to online material and process improvement. This type of planning for electronic information technology (EIT) accessibility follows best practices alongside many other higher education institutions, adhering to national legal guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

  1. Phase one of the project includes an “accessibility inventory” to gather data to set a baseline from which to set goals. We are gathering inventory for the following focus areas: information and educational technology, public website content, course content, student forms, procurement protocols, and staff training.
  2. Phase two involves an “implementation plan” for improvement in these areas. The goal is to come away with proactive standards, resources, and opportunities for our staff and faculty to help create a more inclusive environment for all students. 

Additional Learning Resources

UAA DSS offers additional information and resources for faculty and students in the larger scope of UAA.

Student Information

KPC's Student DSS Offices offer resources for students to get started with understanding accommodation processes and accessibility in the college experience. Student accommodation requests and additional information should be routed through KPC's Disability Support Services Contacts:

Contact Info

Diane Taylor
KRC DSS Coordinator
Diane Taylor
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Kimberly Frost
KBC DSS Coordinator
Kimberly Frost
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