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2014-15 Catalog

KPC Solicitation on Campus Policy

KPC is a venue where many voices can be heard and many perspectives debated. The college believes the establishment of clear guidelines for working with off-campus groups helps facilitate and maximize the free speech experience and respect of diversity and all it encompasses at KPC. The policy applies to recognized off-campus groups that desire, on KPC property, to advocate a position or provide information on a service or product. Unlike groups that reserve classrooms for meetings, these groups desire to share information about their group, the position they support on an issue(s) or product/service their organization provides. Their goal is to increase support for their group, cause, product, or service and to provide this information through brochures, pamphlets and one-on-one dialogue with students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. These groups include non-profit and for profit groups and businesses. The complete policy is available at the KPC website or from the director’s office.  

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