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2014-15 Catalog

Retaking Courses

Any course for which a student has received a transcripted grade may be retaken at the student’s discretion if the course is available and if permitted by the program offering the course. The student’s transcript will reflect all grades earned by the student in each semester in which the course is taken. Only the credits and chronologically last grade earned are applied toward graduation requirements, prerequisite fulfillment and cumulative UAA GPA calculation. Courses for which a student has already received a passing grade may not be eligible for financial aid.

The credit/no credit grading option cannot be selected when courses are being retaken for GPA improvement. Students may not retake a course through credit-by-examination, correspondence, or through work at another college or university for the purpose of raising their grade point average at KPC/UAA.

To determine eligibility for graduation with honors, all credits and grades from retaken courses are included in GPA calculations.




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