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2012-14 Online Course Catalog

Incomplete Grade

An incomplete grade (I) is assigned only at the discretion of the instructor. It is used to indicate that a student has made satisfactory progress in the majority of the work in a course, but for unavoidable absences or other conditions beyond the control of the student, has not been able to complete the course. The Incomplete Grade Contract, a contract form between the student and the faculty member that stipulates the assignment(s) required to finish the course, is required and must be completed and filed with the department before an I grade is assigned. Coursework must be completed by a date specified in the contract, not to exceed one year. Upon completion of the required course work, the faculty member must submit a change of grade form to the office of the Registrar. If coursework is not completed within one year or if the terms specified on the Incomplete Contract are not met, the student may be assigned a failing grade (F or NP, depending on the grading basis of the course). If coursework is not completed within one year and the faculty member does not submit a change of grade form at that time, the (I) will become a permanent grade and it will be necessary for the student to re-register to obtain credit for the course.

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