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2014-15 Catalog


The grades that can appear on a student’s transcript are as follows:


Letter grades carry grade points used to calculate GPAs (except for 500-level professional development courses).

A: Honor grade; indicates comprehensive mastery of the required work.
B: Indicates high level of performance in meeting course requirements.
C: Indicates satisfactory level of performance.
D: Indicates lowest passing grade; may not be acceptable to satisfy requirements in certain majors and in graduate programs.
F: Indicates failure. Must be repeated with a satisfactory grade to receive credit toward graduation.


These grades do not carry grade points and are not used to calculate student GPA’s. However, CR, NC, P, and NP grades may be used to determine satisfactory academic progress.

CR: Credit; indicates credit received for course.
DF: Deferred; temporary grade which indicates course requirements cannot be completed by end of semester. It is to be used for courses that cannot normally be completed in a semester (such as thesis, project, research, internships, etc.).
I: Incomplete; grade which indicates additional course work must be completed to receive final grade. An incomplete may be used at the discretion of the faculty member and may be given for unavoidable absence or other conditions beyond the control of the student where work already completed is a grade of “C” or better.
NB: No Basis indicates there is insufficient progress or attendance for evaluation to occur.
NC: No credit; indicates no credit received for course.
P: Pass; indicates passing work.
NP: Indicates work that is not passing. 


These designations do not carry grade points and are not used to calculate GPA’s.

AU: Audit; indicates enrollment for information only, no credit received.
W: Indicates withdrawal from a course.


Grades submitted by the faculty, other than incomplete (I) or deferred (DF), are assumed to be final grades. A grade may not be changed unless a grading error, such as a mathematical miscalculation or inaccurate recording has been made on the part of the faculty member. Corrections of grading errors must be made by the last class day of the next regular semester following the one in which the grade was originally assigned. 

A completed Change of Grade Form, with signatures, must be submitted to KPC Student Services by the appropriate faculty member. Change of Grade Forms will not be accepted if submitted by the student. Allegations of final grading errors or arbitrary and capricious grading for a final grade assignment are reviewed according to the Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure (See Chapter 7 or the UAA Fact Finder/Student Handbook for further information).


KPC uses the 4-point system as a measure of scholastic success. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total cumulative quality grade points earned (Q points) at KPC by the total quality hours (Q hours). Credits accepted in transfer are not used to calculate the student’s KPC GPA, however they are used to calculate the students’ overall GPA for graduating with honors. Academic letter grades carry the following grade points:

    A = 4.0
    B = 3.0
    C = 2.0
    D = 1.0
    F = 0.0

The number of credits (e.g., 3) is multiplied by the grade-point value of the grade (e.g., A = 4) to give the total grade points (e.g., 12) for each course. The total number of grade points is then divided by the total number of credits attempted.

Non-academic grades do not carry grade points and are not used in calculating the GPA: CR, NC, DF, I, P, and NP. In addition, AU and W are not grades and are not used in GPA calculations. (See Grade Change.) All grades (original and any repeated courses) will be shown on the transcript. Only the last grade achieved for a course will be computed in the grade point average for graduation certification.

Credits accepted in transfer are not used to calculate the student’s KPC/UAA GPA. They are, however, used to calculate the student’s overall GPA for graduating with honors. Grades and credits earned from all retaken courses are also included in calculating the student’s GPA for graduating with honors.  

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