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2014-15 Catalog

Fees Explanation 

All fees are approved by the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska Statewide System of Higher Education. The University reserves the right to change or add to its fee assessment and refund policies at any time. Fee assessments are subject to audit and correction, and any adjustments will be made within forty days following the close of late registration or after any change in the student’s schedule. Students will be notified by mail of any adjustment. THESE FEES ARE CHARGED IN ADDITION TO TUITION AND ANY OTHER LAB OR SPECIAL FEES NOTED WITHIN KPC’S COURSE SCHEDULES. The following fees were current as of the Fall 2014 semester:

  • ACCUPLACER Testing Fee: $15 per testing session
  • Admission Application Fee: Students pay an application fee of $40 (non-refundable) when submitting an admission form to KPC.
  • Audit: Fees are the same as for those enrolled for credit classes.
  • Credit-by-examination Fee: $40 per credit hour will be charged   for credit-by-examination. Students must complete all application materials.
  • Credit/No Credit Option Fee: $3 per form will be charged for CR/NC grading option.
  • Distance Delivery Fee: $18 per credit distance fee is charged for all distance delivered courses originating at KPC sites excluding classes delivered via video conferencing.
  • Drop Fee: $3 will be paid for each class dropped after start of late registration using paper forms. This fee will not be charged when changes are necessitated by cancellation or rescheduling of courses by KPC or when classes are dropped using UAOnline.
  • Facilities Fee: $2 per credit beginning spring 2015; increasing to $4 per credit in fall 2015; and $6 per credit in spring 2016. This fee is assessed to all undergraduate and graduate students to address the capital reinvestment for university facilities and academic equipment. Capital reinvestment funds construction that modernizes university classrooms, labs, residence halls and other buildings so students have access to learning and living facilities that enhance academic experience. 
  • Independent Study Fee: Same as regular tuition rates.
  • Laboratory or Materials Fee: In addition to the standard course tuition fees, laboratory or material fees may be charged for some courses. These charges are listed in KPC course schedules. 
  • Late Payment Fees: Any student who has not paid all tuition and fees owed (or made arrangements to defer payment) by the published deadline listed in the academic calendar for that semester will have a late payment fee of $125 assessed. Any student who has still not paid all tuition and fees owed by the next published deadline listed in the academic calendar for that semester will have an additional late payment fee of $175 assessed. 
  • Late Registration Fee: There is a specified cut-off date for registration each semester. If students register after that date, they pay a late registration fee of $50. This fee is refundable only if all classes for which they registered are cancelled. Refer to the academic calendar for late registration dates.
  • Non-Credit Course Fee: Classes numbered 001-049 are non-credit. They do not meet degree requirements and may have fees other than the regular tuition. Such fees follow the course title in the schedule of classes.
  • Student Activity Fee: A fee equal to up to 2.5% of tuition (rounded to the nearest 25 cents) per credit hour up to a maximum of 12 credits per semester is assessed for students enrolling in one or more credits to support student-related activities. This fee does not apply to distance delivered courses. As of Fall 2014, this fee is $4.25 per credit, to a maximum of $51.
  • Student Health Center Fee: $8 per credit hour (up to a maximum of 15 credits) for students who are registered for six or more credits. The student health center provides free primary health services, diagnosis and treatment of general health conditions as well as education and support to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students taking UA distance courses, with or without face-to-face classes, totaling six or more credits are eligible to use the KRC Health Clinic if they pay the fee. Contact Student Services to pay the fee and sign up.
  • Technology Fee: $5 per credit hour up to a maximum of $75 per semester is charged to provide up-to-date equipment, software, maintenance, training and support. This fee does not apply to distance delivered courses.
  • Transcript Fee: All official transcript requests must be made using the system that can be accessed through the KPC Website or directly at (select “transcript requests” from the menu). If a student requires an immediate official transcript, they should contact UAA Transcript Services at 907-786-1480.
  • Test Proctoring Fee: Students from a non-University of Alaska school or university will be charged a $30 fee for up to three hours of test proctoring services. 
  • Three Percent Network Charge: A three percent Network Charge is added to all tuition, non-resident surcharge and fees in lieu of tuition for credit and non-credit courses. The purpose of the Network Charge is to cover rapidly rising costs, especially in the maintenance and enhancement of KPC and university-wide technology infrastructure. It is applied at a two percent rate on a course-by-course basis to tuition, non-resident surcharge (if applicable) and fees in lieu of tuition, for credit and non-credit courses. Courses with applicable fees less than the lower division credit hour tuition rate ($175 for academic year 2014-2015) will be exempt from the charge. All calculated fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar. The network charge for academic year 2014-2015 will be $5 per credit for lower division and $6 for upper division. This network charge is mandatory for both face-to-face and distance delivered classes.


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