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2014-15 Catalog

Distance Education (E-Learning)

KRC, 262-0330
KBC 235-7743

Various distance delivery courses are available at KPC. These include:

  • Web-based, asynchronous (no scheduled class meetings but regular deadlines for assignments), online courses, delivered through Blackboard. Student must have access to good internet service and a computer.
  • Web-based, synchronous (scheduled class meetings) via Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate. Student must have access to good internet access, computer, speakers and microphone.
  • Live video-conferenced classes (video connects classroom to classroom) between KRC, KBC, AES, and UAA. Students need no technology as the classroom has the technology.  Students may be able to use a software application (Jabber) to connect their own computer to these video-conferenced classes; high speed internet and excellent computer speed is required, along with headphone with microphone. 

Using distance delivery instruction, a student can take courses that are not taught at the local campus or while the student is not present at the local campus. Distance classes are listed in the Class Schedule. 

UAOnline, at: provides access to current course information for distance delivered (e-learning) classes available all over the University of Alaska system. Details for courses returned from a search can be accessed by clicking the CRN. Contact information is also available for each of the University of Alaska campuses around the state to assist in registering for courses. Degree students taking courses outside the UAA system (such as UAF or UAS) should be aware of deadlines and policies at the institution delivering their course and confirm with their advisor, if and how, the course will be accepted by their program.

The University of Alaska is committed to making education available to the distributed population of the state by extending its reach to students through its diverse offering of distance delivered courses supported by the various UA campuses around the state.

Students should take the KPC online quiz to find out if distance education is for them at 

Students should check their University of Alaska e-mail account for important information from instructors. That e-mail account is often how faculty will communicate with their students outside of Blackboard.  All billing is also done via that e-mail account, unless a student has officially submitted an alternative, preferred email address. There is a webmail link on the KPC homepage.

All textbooks for distance classes must be ordered online via the online bookstore MBS Direct (except for AES distance courses which books are available through the UAA Bookstore). Professors expect students to have their books the first week of classes. In MBSDirect, type Kenai Peninsula College as the college name and follow instructions directing students to their particular course. Students must choose the appropriate shipping method to be sure to get books on time. It is critical to student success to have the textbook on time. 

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