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2014-15 Catalog

Directed Study

Directed study courses are delivered on an individual basis when the course is not offered that semester. The policies are as follows:

1. Retroactive registration not permitted.
2. Forms not correctly completed will not be processed.
3. Deadline for directed study registration will close for that semester with the end of the fourth week of the semester.
4. There can be no change in the basic content of the course. In particular, this means the number, level, prefix, description, title, grading policy (A-F, P/NP), credits, and course content cannot differ from the permanent course.
5. Only permanent or term faculty are allowed to supervise or to be the Instructor of Record for Directed Study courses. Deans and Directors may function as Instructor of Record when no permanent or term faculty are available to fulfill that function. The responsibilities of the Instructor of Record are:

              a) See that the grades are entered into UAOnline;              
              b) See that the material is presented in full in a timely manner;
              c) Approve the course of study;
              d) Agree to assume responsibility if problems arise.

6. The faculty member must have taught the permanent course or a related course prior to teaching a directed study.
7. The initiation of directed studies must come from the discipline in charge of the prefix.


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