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2014-15 Catalog

Contact Hours

KPC/UAA academic policy has the following minimum contact times: Most lecture/discussion courses require a minimum of 750 minutes of contact time and a minimum of 1500 minutes completed outside the classroom to award one credit. Some courses require more than 750 minutes of contact time and more than 1500 minutes completed outside the classroom. 

Other types of classes require 1500 minutes of contact time, 2250 minutes of contact time, or more in order to award one credit. 

One contact hour is defined as 50 minutes of contact time. 

Courses may not be offered for more than one credit per week. 

One continuing education unit (CEU) may be granted for satisfactory completion of ten contact hours of classroom instruction or for 20 contact hours of laboratory or clinical instruction.  

Alternative learning modes are subject to the instructional objectives and outcomes of comparable, traditionally taught courses, but standards may differ. 

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