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2014-15 Catalog

Computing Resources

KRC Help Desk, 262-0351
KBC Help Desk, 235-1688

UA students, staff, and faculty are eligible to use computing resources at all UAA campuses. UAA Information and Technology Services (ITS) provide local campus network services, student e-mail accounts, computer labs and customer support on each campus. Through the computer system, students have access to the global resources of the internet on the campus network and wireless network. Information can be found online at the KPC website.

All students admitted to KPC will be assigned a UAA e-mail address created for them. To obtain e-mail account information and to learn how to access it, students can contact the help desk at either KPC campus. Students are required to manage their e-mail accounts by checking them on a regular basis. All university related e-mail will only be sent to the students’ official university email or the preferred e-mail address students submit to UAOnline. 

The KPC computer network integrity is dependent upon users to keep personal computers virus and spyware free. Students must have a functioning, up to date antivirus program, such as McAfee or Symantec, and a spyware scanner. It is also required that all Windows updates are installed in personal computers. Computers that are identified as corrupt or compromised will be banned from the network. Students are encouraged to avoid internet sites with known problems.


UAA also operates the IT Call Center, a help desk which can be reached at 1-877-633-3888 or 786-4646, Monday through Friday and weekends and evenings.  System updates are available at this number, as well as help for students, faculty, and staff for assistance with usernames, password problems, system status questions, e-mail, and Blackboard Learn or Blackboard Collaborate questions.


KPC students, staff, and faculty are eligible to use KRC and KBC computer labs. Networked software includes word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, desktop publishing, programming languages, and web page design software. All computer labs have full access to the internet and e-mail. Computer Labs’ hours for both campuses can be found online at the KPC website.


Wireless internet access is available throughout the Kenai River and Kachemak Bay campuses. Instructions to access the wireless network are available at the KPC website. 

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