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2012-14 Online Course Catalog

Auditing a Course

Students may audit a course for general information only. Students who audit may be dropped from the course to make room for credit-seeking students. No credit is received for audited courses. The faculty member determines the terms for auditing the course. The faculty member may request that the course be removed from the student’s transcript if the student fails to comply with the agreed-upon terms. Submission of papers for correction and grading, and participation in lab experiences are at the discretion of the faculty member.

Students who audit classes are required to register and pay tuition and/or fees. Students may not request a change of registration status from audit-to-credit after week two of the semester. During weeks three through twelve of the semester, students may change their status from credit-to-audit only with the faculty member’s signature. Students may not request a change of registration status from credit-to-audit after week twelve. Forms are available from Student Services and can be downloaded online at the KPC website. Audited courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time, part-time or overload status. In addition, students may not request local credit-by-exam for an audited course until the following academic year.


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