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2014-15 Catalog

Adding or Dropping a Course

Students may add full semester courses during the first two weeks of the semester, only with instructor permission, by registering online, or by submitting an Add/Drop form. Instructor permission may be obtained by emailing or calling the instructor. Students should check with the campus registration desk for details on late starting class. Students may not add a course two weeks after it has started. 

Students drop a class by choosing to remove themselves from the class during the 100% Refund Period. Students who drop will receive a complete refund of all tuition and fees associated with the class. Additionally, no record of the class will appear on their transcript.  Students may drop courses either via UAOnline or by filling out a paper add/drop form. Using a paper form will incur a $3 fee; there is no fee for dropping a course via UAOnline. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar to ensure they know the 100% Refund Deadline for a specific semester. After this deadline, students may no longer drop courses, but must withdraw instead (see the next section).

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