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2014-15 Catalog

Academic Programs


KPC/UAA offers two types of certificates at the undergraduate level:

  • Undergraduate certificates of 30 credits or more offer focused instruction in a concentrated area. They include an equivalent of at least 6 credits of related instruction at the collegiate level in communications, computation and human relations. These certificates provide knowledge and skill development in broad enough areas to prepare students for entry into a variety of career fields. They are particularly appropriate in scientific or technical areas such as healthcare, computer systems, transportation or industrial technology.
  • Occupational endorsements are certificates requiring 29 or fewer credits to complete. These certificates provide the specialized knowledge and skills needed in specific employment sectors. 

Both of these certificate types are noted on transcripts. Coursework used to complete each type may also apply to associate’s and baccalaureate degrees that the student may pursue.


KPC/UAA offers two types of associate degrees, both of which require the completion of 60 credits or more:

  • The Associate of Arts (AA) degree combines broad studies in the general education areas of written communication, oral communication, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences, with elective coursework selected by the student. The degree provides broad exposure to systems of thought and inquiry, allows exploration of a variety of disciplines and learning experiences, and provides a solid foundation for further study at the baccalaureate level. Students with interests in a specific baccalaureate program should work with an advisor to determine their best course selections.  
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees provide applied or specialized studies that are used to satisfy a student’s specific educational needs. Many AAS programs prepare students for work in a particular field of employment, while some are designed to provide a foundation for a specific related baccalaureate degree. Students in AAS degree programs build knowledge and skills needed to carry out specific tasks while they develop abilities in the essential elements of communications, computation, and human relations. 


Baccalaureates, or bachelor’s degrees, are organized programs of study that consist of a minimum of 120 credits. In addition to providing extensive preparation in a specific knowledge area, the content and activities found in the baccalaureate degree promote in students the abilities to reason, research, and analyze, and to form, support, and communicate ideas and opinions.


KPC/UAA offers a post-baccalaureate program in Elementary Education. The program is outlined later in this chapter of the catalog.

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