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2012-14 Online Course Catalog

UAA, UAF and UAS degrees at KPC

KPC offers courses that lead to completion or near completion of several degrees offered by other campuses of the University of Alaska. As a community campus of UAA, KPC is able to support these program offerings based on student interest and adequate enrollment. It is very important to consult with an advisor to plan a program. 

Bachelor programs and Associate programs offered through other UA campuses require students to complete admission and graduation applications through the campus that offers the degree and will be subject to the admission and graduation application deadlines of that campus. 

Associate of Applied Science

  • Accounting   
  • Early Childhood Development       
  • Human Services     
  • Nursing 
  • Radiology Technology      

Bachelor of Arts       

  • Art       
  • Elementary Education       
  • Psychology 

Bachelor of Liberal Studies 

Bachelor of Science

  • Biology            
  • Natural Science
  • Psychology

Post-Baccalaureate Certification

  • Elementary Education 

Many other UAA, UAF and UAS degrees are available via distance while in residence on the Kenai Peninsula. Examples include UAS Business Administraton BBA, UAA Bachelor of Science and Technology, UAA Medical Coding Undergraduate Certificate and UAF Bachelor of Social Work. Please consult with an advisor for more information.       

Accounting (AAS) 

The AAS in accounting is a UAA degree program being supported at KPC campuses. It prepares students for entry-level employment in the field of accounting. Additional credits are needed for BA articulation and careful advising is recommended to choose course options which meet both degree requirements. For more information about the AAS in accounting, contact Tom Dalrymple at 262-0295 at KRC or Kim Frost at 235-1658 at KBC. 

Early Childhood Development (AAS)

The AAS in early childhood development is a UAA/Anchorage campus degree program being offered at KPC. This degree blends theory and practice in the preparation of early childhood educators who can deliver quality care and education for young children from birth through age eight. The program is developed to meet the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s guidelines for personnel preparation, and it prepares students for employment in day care and preschool settings. For more information, contact Dr. Peter Snow at 262-0357 at KRC or Kim Frost at 235-1658 at KBC.

Human Services (AAS)

The AAS in human services is a UAA/Anchorage campus degree program being supported on KPC campuses to prepare students for entry-level employment with human service agencies. Students acquire knowledge of human behavior and relationships, knowledge of social problem areas, skills in helping approaches and problem-solving skills. This degree, with its extensive practicum and course work in counseling, can be a terminal degree or a foundation to articulate into the BA in Psychology. For more information, contact Bettina Kipp at 262-0334 at KRC or Kim Frost at 235-1658 at KBC.

Nursing (AAS)

The UAA nursing department provides an opportunity for qualified students to complete an Associates of Applied Science Degree (AAS) Registered Nurse program based out of KPC. The program at KPC’s Kenai River Campus in Soldotna will start a cohort of eight students every year. The application deadline for the 2012 cohort will be in June 1, 2012. Those accepted will begin their classes in September 2012. The 2013 cohort’s application deadline will be changed to March 2013. Those students who are accepted into the program will begin in the fall of 2013.

The program based at the Kachemak Bay Campus in Homer will start a cohort of eight students every other year. The next KBC cohort will have an application deadline on July 2013 and those selected will begin their classes in spring of 2014. 

Being based in Soldotna or Homer means that a majority of the required clinical experiences and meetings with the clinical supervisor will be done in Soldotna or in Homer.  The coursework for AAS nursing programs is done via video conferencing with instructors from Anchorage or Kodiak. Some clinical rotations will have to be held in Anchorage since there are limited local opportunities for some experiences (such as Psychiatric Nursing and Pediatrics).  Students will have to spend several weeks in Anchorage during these sessions which normally happen during the third and fourth semesters. The cohort of beginning nursing students based at KRC is eight students yearly while the cohort based at KBC is 8 students every other year. The reason for the disparity is the number of clinical opportunities that are available in the two different local hospitals.        

The competition for these limited seats is vigorous and there is a well-defined ranking system that the Nursing Department uses. Those students with the highest rank will be offered the available seats. It takes most students one to two full years to acquire the “credentials” for a complete application with a real chance of being accepted. For more information about the program, visit the KPC website or contact KRC advisors Janet Gleason, assistant professor of nursing, at 262-0333 or Dr. David Wartinbee, professor of biology, at 262-0377 or at KBC contact Carol Klamser, assistant professor of nursing, at 235-1613.

Radiology Technology (AAS)

The Radiologic Technology program prepares students for employment as career entry medical radiographers. Students completing the program receive an AAS degree and are eligible to apply for certification with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Graduates are prepared with the technical skills necessary to perform a variety of diagnostic radiographic examinations. The primary role of the radiographer is to provide diagnostic images of the structure and function of anatomy to assist the physician in the treatment of injury and disease. Examples of examinations performed include chest, upper and lower extremities, spine, ribs, skull, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and reproductive systems. The program of study incorporates didactic instruction, laboratory demonstration and clinical application in a manner that provides correlation of theory with practice. The inclusion of general university requirements fulfill program goals of developing knowledgeable and competent practitioners who will have opportunities for continued professional growth. Additional expenses include clinical attire, vaccinations, identification badge and other organization fees.

The AAS degree is not contingent upon the students passing any type of external certification or licensure examination. For more information about the program, contact KRC advisor Dr. David Wartinbee, professor of biology, at 262-0377.

Art (BA)

The BA in art is a UAA/Anchorage campus degree program being offered at KRC. The KPC art program offers upper division courses in the mediums of drawing, painting, fibers, photography and sculpture. Art students have the opportunity to work toward their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art by taking the majority of their courses at KPC. For additional information about a BA or BFA degree in art or selecting art as a minor area of study, contact Celia Anderson, associate professor of art, at 262-0361 at KRC or Kim Frost at 235-1658 at KBC.

Biology (BA)

The BA in biology is a UAA/Anchorage campus degree program being offered at KPC. The undergraduate program in biological sciences includes courses that provide students with a broad understanding of both traditional and modern biological sciences. These courses are suitable as preparation for professional degrees, for teaching, or for careers in government or industry. A program of study in the biological sciences requires completion of a basic science core curriculum in the chemical, physical and mathematical sciences as well as required and elective courses in the biological sciences. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisors to determine which electives best suit their programmatic needs and career requirements. For more information about the program, contact KRC advisor Dr. David Wartinbee, professor of biology, at 262-0377 or at KBC contact Dr. Debbie Boege-Tobin, assistant professor of biology, at 235-1607.

Elementary Education (BAEE)

The BA in elementary education is a UAA/Anchorage campus degree program being offered at KPC. A student interested in elementary teacher preparation may obtain either a BA in elementary education (BAEE) with elementary teacher certification or an elementary teacher certification only. At this time, both programs are available at KPC’s Kenai River Campus. Advising is required. The BAEE is a professional degree. Unique features of the program include a strong liberal studies emphasis, integration of educational technology and a year-long internship that follows the local school district’s calendar rather than the Kenai River Campus calendar. Students are encouraged to take ED A101, Introduction to Education (3 credits), to learn more about the profession before declaring the major. Careful course sequencing is necessary in order to meet the requirements. For more information on the BAEE or the Post-Bacculaureate Certificate-only option, contact Dr. Peter Snow, assistant professor of education, at 262-0357 at KRC or Kim Frost at 235-1658 at KBC.

Natural Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in natural science is a UAA/Anchorage campus degree program being offered at KPC. The natural sciences curriculum emphasizes the interrelationships among the sciences and allows students to obtain a strong background in two or more sciences while meeting the requirements of a single degree program. A minimum of 74 science credits is required for this major, as specified below. For individuals pursuing careers as secondary science educators, it is required by the College of Education that they complete 12 credits in each of the following sciences: biology, chemistry, physics and earth and space sScience. Students can complete much of their coursework at KPC and should consult the UAA catalog for complete degree information. Consult with a KPC advisor for suggested course sequencing and to be sure all requirements are being met.

Psychology (BA or BS)

The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science programs in psychology, both UAA/Anchorage campus degree programs, offer students a solid foundation for understanding the complexity of human behavior. The baccalaureate program serves those with a general interest in human behavior, careers in mental health, an interest in personal and professional enrichment and an interest in admission to higher levels of education. Early and frequent consultation with an advisor facilitates progress through the program. For more information about a major or minor in psychology, contact Paul Landen, assistant professor of psychology, at 262-0394 at KRC or Kim Frost at 235-1658 or Brian Partridge, assistant professor of psychology, at 235-1604 at KBC.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) degree is a UAA/Anchorage campus program being offered at KPC. It is an interdisciplinary program that provides significant breadth across a variety of fields, meaningful depth in a single field, and the interconnections and integration among fields that allow a fuller comprehension of the modern world. It is intended for those students who prefer a broad liberal arts and sciences degree rather than a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in a single discipline. This may include students with particularly wide or still uncertain personal or career interests. Other students selecting the BLS may, with proper advising, wish to pursue professional graduate education in law or other fields. While with the proper discipline area concentration a BLS graduate may pursue graduate study in a particular discipline area, students who plan to attend graduate school in a specific area are generally advised to take a disciplinary major. Consult with KRC professor Dr. Cheryl Siemers at 262-0364 or KBC professor Dr. Catherine Knott at 235-1612 for suggested course sequencing and to be sure all requirements are being met.

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