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2012-14 Online Course Catalog


STAT A252: Elementary Statistics: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: MATH A105 with minimum grade of C. Registration Restrictions: If prerequisite is not satisfied, appropriate SAT, ACT, or AP scores or approved UAA placement test required. Course Attributes: UAA GER Quantitative Skill Requirement. Special Fees.
Special Note: A student may apply no more than 3 credits from STAT A252 or BA A273 toward the graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Introduction to statistical reasoning. Emphasis on concepts rather than in-depth coverage of traditional statistical methods. Topics include sampling and experimentation, descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and normal distributions, estimation, single-sample and two-sample hypothesis tests. Additional topics will be selected from descriptive methods in regression and correlation, or contingency table analysis. 

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