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2012-14 Online Course Catalog


PSY A111: General Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Course Attributes: UAA GER Social Sciences Requirement. Introduces methods, theories, and research in the psychological sciences. Core topics include psychological research methods, biopsychology, learning, cognition, lifespan development, personality, psychological disorders and social psychology. 

PSY A143: Death and Dying: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Special Fees. An examination of the event of death and the process of dying in contemporary society. Psychological aspects of loss, grieving and acceptance of one’s own mortality are presented along with an exploration of helping services available in the local community. Social issues involving death are discussed. 

PSY A150: Lifespan Development: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Course Attributes: UAA GER Social Sciences Requirement. 
Reviews physical, cognitive, and socioemotional aspects of human growth, maturation and development across the lifespan. Special attention is given to the effects of broader sociocultural influences on development. Classical and contemporary theories relating to development across the lifespan are considered. 

PSY A153: Human Relations: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Crosslisted with: HUMS A153. Special Fees. A survey of human relations to include communication, problem solving, interaction, relationship, choice and change skills. 

PSY A260: Statistics for Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: MATH A105 and PSY A111. Registration Restrictions: Concurrent enrollment in PSY A260L is strongly recommended. Special Note: Does not satisfy the General Education Quantitative Skills requirement. Presents basic descriptive and inferential statistical techniques used in psychology. Covers scales of measurement, central tendency, variability, normal distributions, standard scores, correlation, regression, hypothesis testing, parametric and nonparametric tests for independent and dependent groups, one- and two-way analysis of variance. 

PSY A260L: Statistics for Psychology Lab: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  0 + 2
Prerequisites: MATH A105 and PSY A111. Registration Restrictions: Concurrent enrollment in PSY A260 is strongly recommended. Special Fees. Laboratory that builds on the material covered in PSY A260, giving hands-on experience with data-analysis software. Includes the use of software for graphing, descriptive statistics, correlation, simple regression, t-tests, analysis of variance and chi-square. 

PSY A261: Research Methods in Psychology: 4 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 3
Prerequisites: ENGL A111 and PSY A111. Special Fees. Introduces a scientific approach to studying behavior; overviews experimental and non-experimental methodologies, ethical principles and practices, data collection and analysis, and APA style writing. The laboratory component provides applied experience with data collection, analysis and interpretation. 

PSY A313: Psychology of Women: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Registration Restrictions: Junior level standing or six credits of psychology. Examines how women behave, think and feel. Major topics are sex-role development, the effects of sexism, pornography, and violence against women, gender differences, female sexuality and health issues, love relationships, femininity, masculinity, androgyny, adjustment and mental disorders. 

PSY A345: Abnormal Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111. Introduces the psychology of abnormal behavior through research and clinical applications using a biopsychosocial model. Psychological disorders are presented within their multicultural, gender and developmental contexts. Topics also include history, assessment, suicide, psychopharmacology, mental institutions, psychotherapy, and prevention, as well as contemporary legal issues. 

PSY A355: Learning and Cognition: 4 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 3
Prerequisites: PSY A260 and PSY A261. Special Fees. Special Note: Laboratory work requires that students be familiar with research designs and statistical calculations. Special Note: Offered fall and spring semesters. Overview of major learning principles including classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Also includes a contemporary review of the memory system, the representation of knowledge, skill acquisition, memory retrieval, forgetting and aspects of language processing. 

PSY A366: Perception: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111 and PSY A261. Special Fees. Presents current theories and phenomena which effect how we perceive the world around us. Explores the capacities and limitations of the sensory apparatus, particularly vision. Considers implications of the human tendency to “misperceive” situations. 

PSY A368: Personality: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111 or PSY A150. Special Note: Offered fall and spring semesters. Survey of contemporary and modern theories of personality, emphasizing relevant research findings. Develops student competencies in the understanding and prediction of human behavior, thought and feeling. 

PSY A370: Biological Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A261 and [PSY A260 or STAT A252 or STAT A253] and [BIOL A102 or BIOL A111 or BIOL A115]. Registration Restrictions: Completion of GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses and junior standing. Course Attributes: UAA GER Integrative Capstone. Special Note: This course does not meet the Psychology major capstone requirement. Examines how behavior and cognition are mediated by biological processes. The course overviews neural activity, the organization of the nervous system, psychopharmacology, and biological basis of normal and abnormal behaviors. 

PSY A375: Social Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111 or PSY A150. Focuses on individuals in social situations and the scientific study of how individuals think about, influence and relate to one another. Includes theory and research on subjective beliefs about the self and the social world, attitudes and behaviors, genes and culture, conformity, persuasion, group dynamics, prejudice, aggression, attraction and altruism. 

PSY A412: Foundations of Modern Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A260 and PSY A261. Special Note: Course meets the capstone requirement for the psychology major. Recommended for seniors. Seminar format. Provides an overview of psychology’s history that leads up to a discussion of the most significant issues in contemporary psychology. The course provides a historical perspective that is used to understand key issues in current psychological theory and research. 

PSY A425: Clinical Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111 and PSY A345. Historical developments and contemporary applications of clinical psychology. Survey of major counseling and psychotherapy approaches, including basic assumptions, techniques and related research findings. 

PSY A465: Cross-Cultural Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111 and PSY F380. Registration Restrictions: Three other psychology courses; PSY A425 recommended. May be stacked with: PSY A654. Explores ethnic-cultural values, attitudes and beliefs as they relate to interpersonal relationships and human behavior. Examines how behavioral styles, manifestations of psychopathology and effective psychotherapy methods are affected by ethnic-cultural factors.

PSY A485: Health Psychology: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: PSY A111 and PSY A370. Course examines psychological, physical and environmental factors that influence mental and physical health. Topics include: epidemiology, stress theories, brain anatomy, psychophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronic pain, tobacco/alcohol abuse, diet, exercise, terminal illness, and how doctor/patient communication affects basic health care delivery. The biopsychosocial orientation is presented from both disease and prevention strategies.

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