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2012-14 Online Course Catalog


MECH A101: Introduction to Machine Shop: 4 CR

Contact Hours:  2 + 4
Offered only at Kenai Peninsula College. The fundamentals of safe machine shop practice including the operation of the lathe, vertical mill, bandsaw, drill press, grinders, cut-off saw, and radial drill. Precision measurement, single point threading and off-hand drill sharpening are taught with emphasis on repair work. 

MECH A102: Intermediate Machine Shop: 4 CR

Contact Hours: 2 + 4
Prerequisites: MECH A101. Offered only at Kenai Peninsula College. Continues development of machine shop skills including lathe and mill work, indexing, surface finishes, bench work, angle measurements, tapers, and gears with an emphasis on shop safety.

MECH A115: Gasoline Engine Rebuilding: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  2 + 2
Offered only at Kenai Peninsula College. Discusses in detail the operating principles of aspirated, non-computerized automotive engines. Includes hands-on practice in rebuilding procedures including valve grinding, bearing fitting and cylinder boring. 

MECH A201: Advanced Machine Shop: 4 CR

Contact Hours:  2 + 4
Prerequisites: MECH A101. Registration Restrictions: The student should have fundamental skills with the lathe, mill, drill press, saws, and hand tools. Offered only at Kenai Peninsula College.
Advanced projects will be completed by students to include surface grinding, heat treatment of metals, hardness testing, shaft straightenings, and machining couplings. Other topics will be lapping, magna-flux, boring operations, effects of welding on machining, keyed assemblies, collets and torque. 

MECH A220: Computer Numerical Control Mill: 4 CR

Contact Hours:  2 + 4
Prerequisites: MECH A201 or MECH A202. Registration Restrictions: If prerequisite is not met, five years repair shop experience or instructor permission. Programming, operating, and producing mill parts on the computer numerical control mill (3-axis). Includes the history of computer numerical control mill, programming conventions, standards, format, cutting tools, tool changing, tool offsets, feedback systems, adaptive control, computer to machine and mill practice. 


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