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2014-15 Catalog


MA A101: Medical Terminology I (3 CR) 

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Medical terminology, including analysis of its roots and origins.  Anatomical, diagnostic, operative, and laboratory terminology of human body systems and selected medical specialties.  Emphasis on spelling and pronunciation. 

MA A104: Essentials of Human Disease (3 CR) 

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: MA A101 with minimum grade of C.
Presents a systematic approach to the study of human diseases with an emphasis on signs and symptoms, etiology, and treatment of the more common diseases and clinical disorders.  Includes the application of advanced medical terminology in the study of human diseases and pathology. 

MA A220: Coding for the Medical Office (3 CR) 

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: MA A101 and BIOL A100 or [BIOL A111 and BIOL A112].
Special Fees.  
Presents procedural and diagnostic coding in the ambulatory health care setting.  Includes principles of medical coding, conventions and guidelines, importance of accuracy in coding, and an understanding of legal and ethical issues.  Emphasis on application of knowledge demonstrated through performance of procedural and diagnostic coding activities. 

MA A230: Billing and Insurance for the Medical Office (3 CR) 

Contact Hours:  2 + 2
Prerequisites: CIS A105 and MA A220.
Special Fees.
Examines health care reimbursement issues including the fundamentals of medical billing and the reimbursement process, computerized patient accounting, and the submission and management of medical insurance claims. 

MA A320: Advanced Case Studies in Medical Coding (2 CR) 

Contact Hours:  2 + 0
Prerequisites: MA A220.
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass.
Special Fees.
Presents in-depth practice with procedural and diagnostic coding as it applies to the ambulatory care setting through the analysis of case studies.  Strengthens and improves coding skills by comprehensively coding both diagnoses and procedures for the same medical record. 

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