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2014-15 Catalog

General Education Requirement Student Learning Outcomes

After completing the General Education Requirement, UAA students shall be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and formats;
  2. Reason mathematically, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data competently to reach sound conclusions;
  3. Relate knowledge to the historical context in which it developed and the human problems it addresses;
  4. Interpret different systems of aesthetic representation and understand their historical and cultural contexts;
  5. Investigate the complexity of human institutions and behavior to better understand interpersonal, group, and cultural dynamics;
  6. Identify ways in which science has advanced the understanding of important natural processes;
  7. Locate and use relevant information to make appropriate personal and professional decisions;
  8. Adopt critical perspectives for understanding the forces of globalization and diversity; and
  9. Integrate knowledge and employ skills gained to synthesize creative thinking, critical judgment, and personal experience in a meaningful and coherent manner.





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