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2012-14 Online Course Catalog


Courses listed here as satisfying a General Education Requirement are also identified in Chapter 10, Course Descriptions.


1. Oral Communication Skills (3 credits) 

Oral communication skills courses increase the abilities of students to interact appropriately and effectively in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, small group, and public speaking settings. In these courses, students develop both their message creation and message interpretation skills in order to be more successful communicators. In doing so, students develop an awareness of the role communication in a variety of human relationships. Students develop and implement effective and appropriate communication skills, including the ability to develop, organize, present, and critically evaluate messages; analyze audiences; and adapt to a variety of in-person communication settings.

Courses completed at KPC/UAA must be selected from the following Oral Communication courses:

COMM A111   Fundamentals of Oral Communication 
COMM A235  Small Group Communication 
COMM A237  Interpersonal Communication 
COMM A241  Public Speaking 


2. Quantitative Skills (3 credits) 

Quantitative skills courses increase the mathematical abilities of students in order to make them more adept and competent producers and wiser consumers of the mathematical, statistical and computational analyses which will dominate 21st century decision making. In these courses, all baccalaureate students develop their algebraic, analytic and numeric skills, use them to solve applied problems, and correctly explain their mathematical reasoning. 

Courses completed at KPC/UAA must be selected from the following Quantitative Skills courses:

MATH A107  College Algebra 
MATH A108  Trigonometry 
MATH A109  Precalculus 
MATH A172  Applied Finite Mathematics 
MATH A200  Calculus I 
MATH A201  Calculus II 
MATH A272  Applied Calculus 
STAT A252  Elementary Statistics 
STAT A253  Applied Statistics for the Sciences 
STAT A307  Probability 


3. Written Communication Skills (6 credits)        

Written communication courses emphasize that writing is a recursive and frequently collaborative process of invention, drafting, and revising as well as a primary element of active learning in literate cultures. Students practice methods for establishing credibility, reasoning critically, and appealing to the emotions and values of their audience. They write for a variety of purposes and audiences by employing methods of rhetorical and cultural analysis. They develop the tools to read, think, and write analytically about print and non-print texts and to generate texts that engage their own perceptions while synthesizing the ideas of texts and scholars. Students demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively by selecting form and content that fits the situation; adhering to genre conventions; adapting their voice, tone, and level of formality to that situation; and controlling stylistic features such as sentence variety, syntax, grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

Courses completed at KPC/UAA must be selected from the following Written Communication courses:

ENGL A111   Methods of Written Communication 
ENGL A211  Academic Writing About Literature 
ENGL A212  Technical Writing 
ENGL A213  Writing in the Social & Natural Sciences 
ENGL A214  Persuasive Writing 
ENGL A311  Advanced Composition 
ENGL A312   Advanced Technical Writing 
ENGL A414  Research Writing 
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