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2014-15 Catalog


CIS A105: Introduction to Personal Computers and Application Software: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Registration Restrictions: Keyboarding skill of 30 wpm or better is recommended. Introduction to computer literacy emphasizing basic hands-on use of personal computers, operating systems, and application software to include word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics and the Internet. 

CIS A110: Computer Concepts in Business: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0 
Registration Restrictions: Recommended: MATH A105, CIS A105, familiarity with personal computers and basic software applications, and keyboarding of at least 30 wpm. Introduction to computing concepts and productivity software from an end user’s perspective. Course covers hardware, software, the information processing cycle, beginning programming concepts, and personal computer software packages. The course emphasizes solving business problems using spreadsheet and database applications. 

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