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2012-14 Online Course Catalog


CED A119: Community Awareness Workshop on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: 4 CR

Contact Hours: 3 + 2
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. Introduces Women’s Resource and Crisis Center services, domestic violence and sexual assault issues and basic skills necessary for victim advocacy.

CED A125: Yoga: Study and Practice: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  .5 + 1
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. A study of the health benefits of Hatha Yoga. Students practice the basic breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques of yoga while learning of the effectiveness of this discipline in treating various health problems. 

CED A126W: Yoga for Educators: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  1 + 0
Integrates Yoga techniques and strategies into the P-12 curriculum and applies yoga-based practices for enhanced learning/productivity and personal health/wellness. 

CED A133: Beginning Fly Fishing: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  1 + 0
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. Introduces the basics of fly fishing, including selection of equipment, types of line, flies, and techniques geared toward local lakes and streams.

CED A150: Basic Japanese Cooking: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  1 + 0
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. An introduction to the foods, utensils and techniques used in Japanese cooking. 

CED A157: The Art and History of Brewing: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  1 + 0
Registration Restrictions: Must be 21 or older to enroll. Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. Introduces the basic brewing process, the styles of beer, their historical and regional origins, and their presentation and pairing with food. Includes field trips to local breweries. 

CED A160: Appreciating Opera: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  1 + 0
Introduces the major eras, composers, and styles of opera. 

CED A171: Log Cabin Construction: 1-3 CR

Contact Hours: 1 + 1-6
Applies techniques and skills of log cabin construction. Covers planning and organization, estimating cost, and major phases of log building construction including foundation, floor, walls, roof, windows, doors and trim.

CED A185: Presenting Art Lessons in K-12: 1 CR

Contact Hours:  1 + 0
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. Focuses on methods for effective delivery of art concepts to school children using the discipline-based approach to arts education. Each student presents an art lesson in a K-12 classroom (Service Learning component). 

CED A210: Crime Scene Investigation: 2 CR

Contact Hours:  2 + 0
Offered only at Kenai Peninsula College. Covers the fundamentals of investigation. Includes crime scene search and recording, collection and presentation of physical evidence, scientific aids, modus operandi, sources of information, interview and interrogations, follow-up and case preparation.

CED A294: Arabic Culture and Iraqi History: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3+ 0 
Introduces students to the Arabic culture and Iraqi history, including the pre and post 9-11 world, giving attention to historical underpinnings of the Iraq war, examining the conflict’s relationship to the Middle East, and exploring its impact on the United States. Study incorporates multiple perspectives and encourages dialogue.


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