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2012-14 Online Course Catalog


BA A131: Personal Finance: 3 CR

Contact Hours: 3 + 0
Introduction to consumer finance. Surveys topics such as family budgeting, income tax fundamentals, consumer credit, home buying and financing, auto financing, insurance, investment fundamentals, estate planning and retirement planning.

BA A151: Introduction to Business: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Course Attributes: UAA GER Social Sciences Requirement. Introduces students to the fundamentals of business. Explores strategies that allow companies to compete in today’s interactive, global marketplace. Covers each of the functional areas of business: management, marketing, finance, and accounting. Students gain some valuable critical-thinking, problem-solving, team-building and communication skills required in modern business environments. 

BA A155: Personal Investments: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
An in-depth course on investment of personal income with emphasis on investments, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking, annuities, insurance, real estate, estate planning and taxes. 

BA A166: Small Business Management: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Business planning as key to successful small business management. Examines practical aspects of management for starting and operating a small businesses. Assists students in furthering their understanding of personal finance, business planning, marketing, production and business finances.

BA A231: Fundamentals of Supervision: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Introduces students to the supervisor’s role in organizations. Emphasizes development of the insights and skills necessary to achieve organizational objectives through others by effectively using the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Offers practical experience in decision making in contemporary and relevant situations facing today’s supervisors. 

BA A241: Business Law I: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Crosslisted with: JUST A241. Special Note: Offered Fall and Spring Semesters. Introduces legal aspects of business activities. Emphasizes basic principles, institutions, and administration of law in contracts, employment, torts, property, agency, real estate and insurance. 

BA A242: Business Law II: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: BA A241 or JUST A241. Crosslisted with: JUST  A242. Special Note: Offered as Demand Warrants. Emphasizes basic principles, institutions, and administration of law in suretyships, partnerships, corporations, trusts, bankruptcy, negotiable instruments and sale of goods. 

BA A260: Marketing Practices: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Prerequisites: BA A151. Examines the tools, techniques, and principles of marketing and how to apply them. Identifies the significance of connecting with customers. Examines and identifies market factors which create the greatest customer satisfaction possible in the highly competitive environments of the 21st century. 

BA A264: Personal Selling: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Designed for people with or without sales experience. Explores skills all individuals use to sell themselves, products, services, and ideas. Offers opportunities for students to practice selling skills that will help them become better communicators throughout life. 

BA A295: Internship in Business Administration:  3 CR

Contact Hours: 0 + 9
Prerequisites: ENGL A111 and [COMM A111 or COMM A235 or COMM A237 or COMM A241].
Registration Restrictions: Permission of Faculty Internship Coordinator; 2.75 GPA. MATH A105 or A107 recommended.
Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass. Special Fees.
Special Note: May be repeated for credit, but only 3 credits will apply to meeting business administration degree requirements.Integrates classroom study with planned and supervised work experience in the public and private sectors. Students are exposed to occupational work environment beyond the boundaries of the campus, enhancing self-confidence and career direction.

BA A343: Principles of Marketing: 3 CR

Contact Hours:  3 + 0
Registration Restrictions: College of Business & Public Policy majors must be admitted to upper-division standing. Examines the present role and evolving scope of marketing in organizations and the global economy. Provides a comprehensive delineation of the key marketing terms, concepts, and decision paradigms; offers an overview of the requisite steps, strategic considerations, and essential elements involved in planning, implementing and evaluating marketing activities and campaigns. 

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