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2014-15 Catalog

Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements

In order to receive an Associate of Applied Science degree, students must be admitted to the program and must satisfy:

  1. General University Requirements for Associate of Applied Science Degrees;
  2. General Course Requirements for Associate of Applied Science degrees in oral and written communications (9 credits total, see below).

Advising note for AAS students who plan to pursue a four-year degree: AAS students who intend to pursue a baccalaureate degree should consult a faculty or academic advisor for appropriate course selections. 

A. Oral Communication Skills (3 credits) 

COMM A111  Fundamentals of Oral Communication     3 
COMM A235   Small Group Communication   3 
COMM A237   Interpersonal Communication   3 
COMM A241   Public Speaking   3 

B. Written Communication Skills (6 credits)  

ENGL A111    Methods of Written Communication    3

      and one of the following:

CIOS A260A    Business Communications    3
ENGL A211  Academic Writing About Literature  3
ENGL A212  Technical Writing  3
ENGL A213  Writing in the Social and Natural Sciences    3
ENGL A214  Persuasive Writing  3

3. General Course Requirements (6 credits) in designated disciplines. Choose humanities*, math, natural sciences, or social sciences courses from the General Course Requirement Classification List for Associate of Applied Science Degrees. Courses chosen must be at or above the 100 level.

*Any English course used to satisfy the humanities general requirement must be different from the written communications skills requirement and have a course number higher than ENGL A111. 

4. Degree-Specific Requirements Varies (See this chapter.)

5. Electives Varies

    Total Minimum Credits: 60 

    All courses must be at the 100 level or above.

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