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KPC Scholarships

KPC Scholarships

Kenai River & Kachemak Bay Campus and Resurrection Bay students

Kenai River Campus scholarships are facilitated by the KRC Financial Aid office located in the McLane Building near the cafe. Please contact Kathi Overpeck at, or (907) 262-0331 or Stephanie Quintana at or call (907) 262-0332 for information. Students at the Resurrection Bay extension site can also call the toll-free 877-262-0330 and ask to be transferred to the Financial Aid office. To apply to all other scholarships, please continue.

Kachemak Bay Campus scholarships are facilitated by Kimberly Frost, KBC Student and Enrollment Services Coordinator. Please contact her at, or (907) 235-1658 for information. To apply to all other scholarships, please continue.

Apply via UAOnline

By completing the UAOnline Scholarship Application, you will be submitted to all of the following scholarships in one simple step. However, please note that some scholarships require supplemental materials. These scholarships are denoted with a    icon.

Application Steps:

  • Login to UAOnline with your *UA Username and Password.
  • Navigate to the "Student Services and Account Information" submenu.
  • Select "Scholarships" from this menu, to access the UA Scholarship Application.
  • By completing this ONE application, your eligibility will be evaluated for all University of Alaska Statewide and UAA scholarships that do not require supplemental materials to be submitted. Read more about the supplemental process at the Take the Next Step page.

Click the button when you're ready to start!

UAOnline will open in a new tab/window. Please return to this page after submitting your UAOnline application to submit supplemental materials.

 Apply for all of these scholarships at UAOnline!

TitleDeadlineSupplemental Required
Chevron ScholarshipNovember 9, 2018, 12:00 am

Apply for all of these scholarships at UAOnline!