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E-Learning Quiz


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1.) I am fairly good at browsing the internet

2.) I gather information well visually (charts, readings, videos, diagrams)

3.) I like to finish what I start

4.) I have reliable access to the internet

5.) I am able to log into a class website at least 2-3 times a week

6.) I try again when something doesn’t work the first time

7.) I can get past technical frustrations when I try new things on computers

8.) I would classify myself as an adequate or good writer

9.) I would classify myself as an adequate or good reader

10.) I understand that online courses take just a much time as a traditional classroom course

11.) I am self-motivated

12.) Group discussions are helpful for my learning

13.) Considering my professional and personal schedule, I have at least 9-10 hours a week to commit to a 3-credit hour course (or 3 hours a week per 1-credit hour)

14.) I am comfortable asking for help when I need it

15.) I have professional or personal reasons to want to take a course online