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Degree Types at KPC

See the complete list of all majors offered at KPC.

Occupational Endorsements 
Occupational endorsements are certificates requiring 29 or fewer credits to complete. These certificates provide the specialized knowledge and skills needed in specific employment sectors.

Undergraduate certificates are programs of 30 credits or more that offer focused instruction in a concentrated area. They are particularly useful in scientific or technical areas such as health care, computer systems, transportation or industrial technology. Certificates often provide the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level positions in specific employment sectors.

Associate Degrees (2-Year) 
Associate degrees are programs of 60 credits or more that combine focused coursework in a major field with broad studies in the general education areas of written and oral communication, humanities, math, and natural and social sciences. The following associate degrees are available at UAA:

Associate of Arts (AA) 
A broad-based program of studies that may be used to satisfy a student's educational needs, or may be used as a basis for transfer into a selected bachelor's degree field.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) 
A focused curriculum that prepared students for a position in a particular field of employment or endeavor. Students build knowledge and skills needed to carry out specific tasks while they develop their abilities in communications, computation and human relations that are so valued by employers and our society.

Bachelor's Degrees (4-Year)Baccalaureate, or bachelor, degrees are organized programs or study that consist of 120 credits or more. They provide extensive preparation in specific knowledge areas, and promote in students the abilities to reason, research, and analyze, and to form, support and communicate their ideas and opinions.

Non-Degree Seeking 
If you are taking classes for any reason other than to obtain a degree (for example, professional development, recreation, or personal interest) you are non-degree seeking. Non degree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Read the Program Outcomes for KPC's programs to find out what achievements a student can expect to demonstrate after completing a program.  


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