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Welding Technology

Two male welding students in the welding technology classroom.

Gain a skill that has a place in almost all construction and industry settings.

Do you like to make things with your hands? Do you crave the satisfaction that comes from creating sound structures? Can you see yourself working on a team to build pipelines, refineries, skyscrapers, and bridges? Welders create foundations that make up the infrastructure of all things steel, aluminum, and pipe-based.

The one-year certificate in welding technology provides a student with specific training for structural and pipe welding and aluminum welding certification. Students gain comprehensive training in the latest welding technology, blueprint reading, layout, and fabrication.

The one-year welding certificate can be earned at KRC, but general classes that are required for this program can be taken through any of KPC's campuses or online.

The following Gainful Disclosure Statement contains important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program.

Welding Undergraduate Certificate Gainful Disclosure


University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Jacob Keisling
Title: Assistant Professor of Welding
Phone: 9072620356
Location: Walter E. Ward Building (WWD)
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University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Kimberly Frost
Title: Student & Enrollment Services Coordinator
Phone: 9072351658
Location: Pioneer Hall (KBPH)
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University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Nancy Johnson
Title: Advising and Support Services Specialist
Phone: 9072351655
Location: Bayview Hall (KBBH)
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