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Chemistry is at the heart of science because all investigations of matter revolve around the study of chemistry.

Although KPC does not offer a degree in chemistry, students are able to complete all of the general education requirements to be prepared to transfer into a bachelor of arts or science program at UAA, UAF or another university.

Students interested in pursuing a four-year chemistry degree should speak with an advisor for help in identifying a program to transfer into after studying at KPC.


University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Toby Long
Title: Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 9072620262
Mobile: 9072522838
Location: Walter E. Ward Building (WWD)
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University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Kimberly Frost
Title: Student & Enrollment Services Coordinator
Phone: 9072351658
Location: Pioneer Hall (KBPH)
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University of Alaska Anchorage
Name: Nancy Johnson
Title: Advising and Support Services Specialist
Phone: 9072351655
Mobile: 6267337335
Location: Bayview Hall (KBBH)
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