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CNA Costs

Estimated Program Costs: (may slightly defer depending on KPC location)
See each campus current application for more details
Tuition and Fees (paid to KPC) TOTAL   $1,413  
-Tuition 6 credits x $202 credit <$1,212>    
-Technology Fee $7/credit x 6 credits <$42>    
-Student Activity Fee $4.50/credit x 6 credits <$27>    
-Health Center Fee $8/credit x 6 credits <$48>    
-2% Network Fee $8 x 6 credits  <$48>    
-Facilities Fee $6/credit <$36>    
Lab Fees (estimated) (federal background check prior to course beginning, fist aid and CPR cards, two sets of fingerprints and two passport photos)   $135  
Background and Certification Test Fees Payable to the State of Alaska; not collected by KPC   $279  
Other Costs (estimated)



  Scrubs   $40  
GRAND TOTAL       $1,761.50